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4 Relaxing Ways to Use CBD

As a company that deals in CBD bath products, we at Fresh Bombs often take for granted that people understand CBD in its entirety and that everyone knows the best ways to use CBD. However, we have realized that that may not necessarily be the case! So, we have comprised a list of the four most relaxing ways to use CBD, so that you may find what works just for you!

Bath Bombs

We realize that we sound a little biased, but it turns out that CBD bath bombs really ARE one of the most popular ways to use CBD. The reason for that is that they are inexpensive (which, of course, means easy on your budget), easy-to-use, and extremely bubbly and fragrant. Plus, the vibrant colors are easy on the eyes, making them attractive to all our customers, and they help make bath time fun for even the most stubborn toddler! If you are considering using CBD bath products, our selection of CBD bath salts and bath bombs are a great place to start!

CBD Oil in Your Bath If you’re not keen on using colored bath products, you can still reap the benefits of CBD oil in your baths. Just order your favorite scent of CBD oil, add a few drops to your bath, and sit back and relax! Oral Consumption There are many forms of oral CBD products. These include everything from candy, sublingual oils and strips, and liquid products that you can drip directly ON your tongue! And, just like with ALL CBD products, they provide the calming, serotonin-boosting effects, without making you feel “high.” Vaping Yes, CBD IS available for people who use vapes! For those who don’t currently use nicotine products, it produces the same soothing sensation that non-vapers get by orally consuming CBD or adding bath products with this hemp-derived product to their baths. For people who DO use tobacco, it can curb nicotine cravings, or just give a boost of flavor to harsh nicotine-filled vape juices. Plus, CBD vape juices come in a large variety of flavors! Conclusion Ultimately, only you can decide which method of CBD use works best for you. However, luckily for you, the Fresh Bombs team has a great deal of experience and information about the subject. Check us out to learn more and place yourself an order today! Credit to for this amazing blog.

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