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CBD Spa Treatments for Wellness and Anxiety

With the global CBD market growing day by day, now is an ideal time to look at a brand to use in your spa. CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties meaning it is the perfect time to launch CBD wellness treatments to your clients.

At CBD Spa we observed the growing Worldwide CBD industry and to be honest, felt rather disappointed at how CBD was being used in spas and salons. Many businesses we felt were just jumping in the ‘trending’ bandwagon and adding a few drops of CBD oil to their treatments and offering this to their clients usually at a higher price point.

Our team was very fortunate to work with an amazing spa trainer named Lauren Starkey, originally from South Africa now based in Ireland with her beautiful family. We researched in-depth about the benefits of using CBD oil in treatments and how we could offer this making a real difference to people’s treatments and results.

Working alongside Lauren and her amazing expertise in trigger point massage therapy, CBD Spa massage treatments we created. We spent time perfecting it, running case studies to ensure the potency of the oils created and the treatment techniques, gave our client the ultimate results. But we wanted to take this to the next level and give even more authenticity to offering these treatments so our therapist training is also CPD accredited (Continued Professional Development). All our therapists complete their training, submit three case studies, and attend an annual refresher training. Our online school also keeps them updated with all the latest research and information on this ever-growing industry.

The CBD oil we use is 2000mg 20% platinum CBD oil to ensure our clients get the ultimate results. Be mindful when choosing a CBD oil because anything below 5% will not carry enough CBD to have any real benefit. Many shop-bought CBD is weak thus people saying that it didn’t work for them.

All CBD Spa treatments include a 15-minute consultation and a confidential documented case study for each client. We want to ensure that we are helping our clients with their ailments at each appointment. But we never diagnose and if you are not medically trained should not be giving any type of diagnosis. Also, we are not allowed to make medical claims but we can say that CBD can help with inflammation, anxiety, and sleep for example, but we let our client reviews speak for themselves.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, the body’s innate balancing mechanism, which is made up of a series of receptors sited throughout the brain and central nervous system. It is responsible for regulating mood, sleep, pain, inflammation, appetite, memory, and fertility.

CBD Spa is the ideal fit for the growing wellness market and if offered correctly will give you a large return client ratio for your massage treatments and many recommendations. We find in the spa industry that many clients do not return to spas regularly because they don’t see the value in paying €80 or €100 for a massage treatment but this is widely due to the minimal effects they feel. Every client we have given a CBD Spa trigger point massage to has felt amazing results after and even the therapists' feedback is that they feel CBD Spa treatments are a gamer changer for the services they can offer their clients.

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