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Therapists Train to deliver a Wellness High!

New CBD Spa Training Business Launched

A new Irish start-up, CBD Spa, was launched earlier this year to train beauty therapists in CBD massage techniques and the use of cannabidiol products in pain relief. Growing awareness of the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil is seeing more and more people using it, orally and topically, to help treat pain and inflammation.

CBD Spa provides one and two-day CPD Accredited (Continued Professional Development) training for spa and salon employees, covering massage techniques and use of the CBD oil product. Product understanding, patient consultation, and after-care are also part of the training, which focusses on bespoke CBD massage techniques using trigger-point therapy.

People suffering chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, MS, and even arthritis are among those seeing improvement in pain levels and mobility, the CBD Spa owner, Heidi Grimwood, says.

“Therapists use the muscle-easing properties of CBD oil for a deeper unwind, working tight areas more effectively and targeting inflammation, pain or injury”.

CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis, derived from the hemp plant. But purified CBD oil does not have psychoactive properties. Using it topically through the skin helps decrease inflammation and ease pain, as it is quickly and easily absorbed. The unique new massage treatment has been shown to relieve pain, insomnia, and anxiety, its promoters say, with most minor aches and injuries responding very well.

Grimwood, an international spa consultant, and trainer says mixing the CBD oil with massage oil means it absorbs into the bloodstream quickly and easily.

Therapist training is carried out in spas and salons across Ireland, with follow-up via CBD Spa online, to help businesses develop and market their new service.

The new trigger-point therapy can be added to other massage treatments, according to Lauren Starkey, who is the lead trainer with CBD Spa and helped create the CPD certified training. The experienced therapist and trainer also say that athletes and those working-out or playing sports regularly can benefit from CBD massage.

“While one treatment is not a cure-all, people who commit to a course of CBD massage treatment, combined with home care, do feel the benefits in terms of pain relief, muscle recovery, better sleep, and overall well-being, from improved skin to better digestion”.

Some clients with severe pain management issues combine massage treatment with oral CBD drops, as homecare, Lauren Starkey confirms.

CBD Spa operators are working with their clients to document treatment courses and results to supplement limited Irish data on treatment experience and outcomes currently available.

Irish owned CBD Spa also has an e-commerce store offering high-quality organic CBD oil products for use at home https://www.

Heidi Grimwood has been a spa consultant and beauty business development manager for twenty years. She developed the new massage treatment and has seen a dramatic improvement in her partner, when taking CBD oil for severe, debilitating eczema, suffered since childhood. Grimwood herself says that taking CBD oil regularly has improved stomach discomfort she suffered on account of coeliac disease.

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